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Collections of paintings with forms and features, colours and patterns inspired by those occuring in nature

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I wanted to step back in my art and deliberate our human ability to heal and mend our brokenness. This collection is my contemplation, the embracing of our flaws, and the celebration of the beauty of our imperfections. In so doing we become stronger, more beautiful pieces of art.


Rugged Beauty

I have long been fascinated by the ancient Japanese practice of Kintsugi, golden joinery, in which broken pottery is repaired with precious metals such as silver, platinum or gold disguising and elevating the flaw. Varied and wide-ranging in palette, this expanding collection is contemplative and asks us to challenge our perception of perfection.


Ever More Beautiful

Whilst influenced by colours and textures existing in nature, this body of work is one that speaks about human healing, renewal and revival. It is my way of breaking the ideals within which we see ourselves, our lives, relationships and challenges. I seek the share the knowledge that our broken edges are a beautiful part of who we are, our history and our becoming.


Original Watercolour Abstract - 2021

Crushed fruit reminds of deeply ripened fruit, accidentally crushed. This triptych is warm and inviting, encompasses lost edges, bleeding colours and textures; lost but beautiful. These pieces are ready to hang and work well in  any space

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